February 10, 2013

So hopping isn't nice

Yes, hopping isn't nice. There are a lot of Linux distributions, but I think that for the distro hoppers like me, the best choice is a newbie distro. Why? — you'll think. Well, if I try, say, Arch, and I get frustrated because something doesn't work, I hop. It would be better to stick to a newbie, simple distribution, and if something is wrong, try to solve it but NOT hop.

That's easier to do on a newbie distribution, of course.

My current Xubuntu desktop.

So I'll be using an official Ubuntu derivative, or Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu 12.10 won't be my choice, I'm afraid. Unity is crappy on 12.10, and I don't want to use Cinnamon. Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity is lovely, and I think I'll be using that one.
We also have Xubuntu 12.10, which is my actual distribution due to its GNOME2 likeness, and Kubuntu 12.10, which is the best KDE IMO. But, should I use KDE? I'm afraid I've been too much time using GTK things, and I may got frustrated with GTK integration on KDE. It would be difficult to adapt myself to Qt apps.

So, we have Ubuntu 12.04 here, and Xubuntu 12.10 there. I'll be dual booting for a while.

Ubuntu 12.04.2 will be released soon, February 14th if I recall correctly, so perhaps I should wait until then to install it.

I never had problems with Ubuntu 12.04 and Unity, or perhaps I had before 12.04.1. So I'm sure 12.04.2 will be lovely. I just wanted to have the last everything — i.e. Ambiance and Radiance themes — so I upgraded to the 12.10 disaster.

But 13.04 comes to save me! Everybody says that —even being in active development— is the most stable Ubuntu they ever tried, so that's cool to hear. I think I'll stay on Ubuntu 12.04 or Xubuntu 12.10 until then!


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