January 17, 2013

What happened in half-a-month...

Yay! Half-a-month after my last entry, I'll explain you which kind of hopping adventures I've had.

Firstly, I didn't hop too much. I just switched to Xubuntu, dunno why. I finally got bored of the GNOME 2 look, and as it was the only reason to use Xfce for me, I installed Linux Mint MATE edition.
Minty MATE!

It looks lovely! But I still can see that odd bug... Even with the Mint-X theme, when you have some black thingie next to the screen border and you maximize a window, it will turn white, then black again if you focus the window...
This isn't a big bug, but it's a bit annoying. I think I can live with that, I also enjoy MATE, but if I finally *don't*, I'll go to Cinnamon again.

Long live, Mint!

PS: I got my first troll. Some angry user wrote at the Linux Mint forums saying that my UbuntuForums signature told I was using Xubuntu! Hacker... :P

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