January 2, 2013

Ubuntu Phone: Bring your old phone to life!

Please note that the title is totaly an irony, like the following: «Canonical, I love you».

The famous new Ubuntu product is... Ubuntu for Phone! When the counter of their website ended, their servers crashed. That shows us how stable Ubuntu is.

Watching the video on their website, you can notice that a possible motto for that may be:

Ubuntu for Phone: Bring your old phone to life with a laggy launcher, a laggy dash and a bit of adware and spyware!

As you can see, there's a launcher. But wait, you can't stop touching the screen or the launcher disappears. That's silly! Also, there's the Dash. About a 30% of its content is Amazon adware. If you search for something, like Tolkien, more adware. Yes, Canonical, that's amazing!

But the funny thing is that I assume that you'll have to pay for that piece of adware, of course. Canonical wants to be like Apple... How can our Mark dictator, who thinks he's Steve Jobs, convert Canonical to Apple giving free things to the people?
We've done our tests, and it won't be rare if the next LTS release (14.04) is a paid distribution. If Canonical still exists (please, die, die!).

You can think that I'm saying bad things to Ubuntu, but Mint is based on Ubuntu. Of course, Ubuntu is a good thing, Canonical isn't. If Ubuntu disappears, there'll always be LMDE or Manjaro.

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