December 31, 2012

How to install your very own UnBot

As you may know, UnBot is the eXtensible Wikimedia Bot. Its code is hosted at GitHub, and Launchpad provides its bug tracker, blueprints and other nice tools. Of course, the bot is done by the same clever cat who owns this blog.

The bot is done in Python for the Spanish Wikipedia channel, at Freenode (#wikipedia-es). But I tried to make it a bit configurable, so let's download it and put it working on your channel! Note that this is done with the UnBot Shiva 13.04 Beta version, released the 1st of January of 2013. Of course, I'm the developer and I have it before its release :)

Welcome to Catbuntu!

Welcome to Catbuntu, the website where I'll teach Linux for cat beings!
Catbuntu will provide you the last reviews, done by our cat expert Catbuntu. You'll also learn powerful tips for Linux, and I'll try to tell what do I do for choice which distribution I like, so you'll be able to follow that steps to find your very own distro.

Notice that this site is fully managed by a very clever cat, so don't critiquize it so much, the cat isn't English.